Unveiling the Thrill of Auction Hunting: Our Journey to Finding Hidden Gems

As avid enthusiasts of the secondhand market, Kevin and I find immense pleasure in offering used items to others. We do love good auctions, they grant us the opportunity to secure a larger quantity of products in one fell swoop, setting the stage for the subsequent tasks of sorting, listing, and more. However, there is a sentimental aspect that tugs at my heartstrings—knowing that the items we acquire were once cherished by their previous owners, and now we can pass them on to new admirers.

With a desire to find some hidden gems, we set our sights on a series of auctions over the past few months. One recent venture led us to Columbus, Ohio. An entire house auction awaited us, brimming with possibilities and untold stories. With our trusty van at the ready, we ventured forth, excited to see the treasures that await us.

Van Overflowing, Dreams Expanding we returned from the Columbus expedition, our van strained under the weight of its newfound bounty. The majority of our haul was destined for resale or charitable donations, aligning with our passion for sustainability and giving back to the community. However, amidst the sea of treasures, we couldn't resist acquiring a patio table for ourselves—a delightful addition to our outdoor space that would accommodate gatherings of six or maybe even eight people.

Patience and perseverance are the keys to unearthing remarkable finds at household auctions. As we immerse ourselves in auction experiences, we discovered the art of spotting the extraordinary amidst the ordinary. Each item holds a story, a history, and a chance for rebirth. The next few posts will reveals of the marvolus items we’ve come across over the last few months. 

If you find yourself in search of that special something to adorn your home—an item that might strain your budget then be sure to allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of secondhand treasures, for within them lie the echoes of countless memories and the promise of new beginnings.


Through our auction endeavors, we have not only foster a connection with the past but also established a sense of purpose in connecting people with the items they will come to cherish. Join us as we celebrate the joys of uncovering forgotten treasures, forging new stories, and spreading the love that once dwelled within these remarkable finds.

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