Confession: My Quirkly Thrifting Obsession

Hello fellow treasure hunters! 🕵️‍♀️✨ Do you ever find yourself drawn to certain items when you're digging through store aisles, or browsing on the internet? Welcome to my world! I’ve got a few of these fun obsessions, today I’m here to tell you about one of them.

My Obsessions with all things that Dance, Sing, Repeat! 🎵


Doctor Kevin to the Rescue! 🛠️

Not every spirited souvenir plays perfectly, dances with grace, or swings in the wind. Sometimes we have batteries or wires that just don’t do their job correctly. But I have my secret weapon, Doctor Kevin! At least he’s the fixer of all things I bring around. With his crafty hands, he breathes life into many of items that might be from the Misfit Toy Island. And for those rare unfixable finds? They either find a new home (donation-style) or become collector’s items, complete with their unique quirks, as is.


So what are some of my favorites? 🌟

- Dancing Santas getting ready for Christmas Eve

- Witches stirring up some Halloween vibes

- An endless parade of solar dancers, swinging to the sun’s beat

- The utterly delightful Happy Tappers from Hallmark

- A Snowman Jazz band cool enough to melt your heart

- Mooses (or is it Meese?) that can groove and croon

- And oh! The Hallmark Jingle Pals, which I *might* be hoarding for my personal collection (wink!)

Ready to Dive into My Animated World? 🌍

If my eccentric collection has piqued your curiosity, waltz over to our shop or jive onto our eBay page to check out the whimsical wonders waiting for you!

Happy thrifting, and may the odds of finding your obsession be ever in your favor! 🛍️🎉

Dancing Mr. & Mrs Santa

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