Confessions of a Reading Glasses Collector, My Quirky Obsession

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts and curious minds! It's Kim here, diving into one of my unexpected, slightly quirky obsessions that's taken over a significant chunk of my life and, well, my office space. Get ready for a tale of vision, variety, and a touch of vanity – the saga of my love affair with reading glasses!

(You can find links to my obsessions at the bottom of this blog)

How It All Began: A Tale of Necessity and Style

You know how it goes – one day, you're squinting at small text, and the next, you're the proud owner of a .5 pair of reading glasses. Innocent, right? That's what I thought years ago when I first needed a little help to read a bit better. But as time marched on, my number on those readers grew, evolving from 1.0 for driving (gotta see that dashboard clearly!) to 2.50 for computer work, and 2.75 for a good book. Oh, and let's not forget the 3.0 for those dimly lit evenings.

Obsession in Every Nook and Cranny

It's not just about needing glasses; it's about needing them everywhere. On my desk, in my nightstand drawer, tucked away in my purse, and even a spare pair in my travel bag (because, let's face it, forgetting them is a traveler's nightmare). But here's where it gets wild: I recently cleaned out my roller desk – guess what I found? Ten pairs of reading glasses! And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Growing Collection: A Sight to Behold

My home office is like a shrine to my spectacle obsession. Besides the roller desk revelation, there's a side table drawer harboring its own collection (of new unused glasses). Then there's my office desk, complete with a glasses holder that's always fully stocked.

The Big Questions: When, Why, and Is There an End in Sight?

When did this all happen? Why this magnetic pull towards accumulating reading glasses? And the biggest question – when will this madness end? The answers are as elusive as the perfect pair of frames. But one thing's for sure, if there's a date for the end of this spectacle spree, I'll be able to see it coming!

Embracing the Quirkiness

While some may see it as an overboard obsession, I see it as a charming quirk. Each pair of glasses isn't just a vision aid; it's a memory, a travel companion, and a testament to my ever-evolving style and needs. Plus, in a world where we're constantly looking for ways to express ourselves, why not through the eyewear that helps us see it better? I have blue, red, purple, sparkly, and many plain, glasses. I have different shapes, and frame sizes. 

So, to all my fellow collectors, whether it's reading glasses, vintage treasures, or anything in-between, let's embrace our passions, no matter how unusual they might seem. After all, it's these little obsessions that make life a bit more colorful and a lot more interesting.

Signing off with clear vision and a heart full of quirky love,

Kim 🤓💕

Here are links to the items I own/love if you just have to have it for your own! 
Glasses Holder that lives on my desk

My favorite glasses - they are my go to everyday glasses

Fun sparkly glasses that claim to be multifocal (Honestly not that great, but they are cute!)

Chunky glasses, fun frames! Love them for the fashionable look

Cat eye glasses, I mean we all need some cat eye glasses! 

Some weird, fun, glasses cases, vinyl, cheap, and CUTE!

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