Embracing the New Year: Exploring the World and it's Vintage Charm

This was taken on the ferry / water Taxi in St. Maarten. 
We went to the beach just across from the cruise ships


Hey there, fellow adventurers! Kim here, and I'm bursting with excitement about the new year and all the thrilling journeys it holds. Travel is my jam, and I've got a real soft spot for those one-of-a-kind vintage finds that add a special touch to every trip. Whether I'm cruising the Caribbean or road-tripping across the USA, I'm always on a quest for the coolest thrift stores and hidden gems.

This year is kicking off with a bang as I set sail on the Carnival Magic. Imagine sun-soaked beaches, vibrant cultures, and, of course, the thrill of the hunt for unique items on each magical island. I'm not just looking to bring back souvenirs; I'm on a mission to uncover stories and treasures that have their own tales to tell.

This is Tomm (Tales Of the Mystical Monkey). 
Tomm Travels with us to most places and poses for photos
Follow along for the adventures of Tomm! 

I can't wait to share every step of this journey with you! Follow my travel blog for updates on my finds, sights, and experiences. January's going to be a whirlwind of island hopping, followed by some Southern charm in Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi next month. And let's not forget the pit stops in Kentucky and Tennessee - I've got my eye on a few spots there, too. Oh, and a visit to Buck-ee's is a must!

Jose Cuervo Shot Glasses
If you are going to drink the drink then get the glass! 
You can find these in our store, here

Keep an eye out for my posts where I'll also introduce some amazing travel gadgets and vintage treasures that I've discovered. It's all about making travel easier, more stylish, and full of memories. So, buckle up and join me on this adventure. Let's make this year unforgettable with new places, stories, and fantastic finds! 🌎✈️🚗🏝️🕰️

For now, here are some pictures from our cruise! AND, the necklaces I make for the Cruise Gift Exchanges, Get yours here

St Thomas from the Ship, at Sunset

We ate dinner at 
Esotico Miami - a very cool Tiki Bar, the food was spectacular and the service was out of this world. The drinks? O M G! They were a category all their own, they came with a show, and were delish! 

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