Ohio's Glass Trail: Exploring the Beauty of Pottery and Glass

When I was young, I pursued art with passion and talent. As an art major, I excelled in various mediums, from painting and drawing to the captivating world of textiles. The allure of throwing pottery, heating glass, and creating intricate weavings and cloth art captured my heart. Today, though I no longer create, my appreciation and love for these art forms remain steadfast as I immerse myself in observing and cherishing their beauty.

Living in Ohio has been a serendipitous gift, providing me with a fertile ground for nurturing my education in glass and pottery. This state boasts a vibrant history as a haven for some of the most exceptional glass and pottery makers of the 20th century. From the legendary Heisley, Imperial, Cambridge, and Tiffin glass companies to Federal Glass Company in Columbus and of course the ever lasting Anchor Hocking, still in operation, and still made in OHIO! I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the masterpieces from neighboring states such as Indiana Glass, Fenton (PA), and Blenko (WV, and still in business), Viking (WV), Ohio has been a crucible of artistic excellence. Just to name a few


Ohio's prowess in pottery is equally awe-inspiring. The state was home to renowned pottery manufacturers, including USA Pottery. Other notable names such as Rosewood, Weller, Rookwood (still thriving in Cincinnati, OH), McCoy, Hull (famous for their brown drip pieces), Laughlin, and of course the still popular Fiestaware (originally by Laughlin in Ohio). Countless others have etched their legacy into the annals of pottery craftsmanship, I simply can’t name them all. Something I do find amusing is that the Village of Crooksville, OH, was once considered the pottery capital of the world. What a great title, for such an adorable Village! 

Cambridge Glass Amber #917 Double Spout Gravy Boat, #907 Liner & #445 Ladle     Hand Painted Cherub Covered Drink Glass Bowl

In our current era, mass production has is the norm, replacing the artistry and laborious craftsmanship of yesteryears. However, amidst this industrial shift, the sheer joy of witnessing a hand-blown or hand-pulled piece of glass, carefully crafted with vibrant colors and unparalleled style by skilled artisans, continues to evoke excitement and appreciation. Have you ever visited a tourist spot where artist blows glass in front of you. Imagine what it takes to master that art, that craft. 


I still get excited when I see a piece of old glass with bubbles in it, or a large pontil on the base. I can’t wait to look it up and see who made it (if I don’t already know). When I see the beautiful colors in pottery, and the really cool pieces that are unique to that mid-century design, my heart skips a beat! 

My personal favorite among contemporary glassworks is the mesmerizing artistry of Italian Glass. Its breathtaking beauty and kaleidoscope of colors never fail to captivate me. Nevertheless, numerous American companies have also risen to the occasion, producing equally remarkable glass creations. In the near future, I hope to introduce some of these exceptional products from American glass artisans on this platform, providing an exhilarating shopping experience for enthusiasts like us.

As I explored this historic journey through Ohio's glass and pottery heritage, I hope you take a moment to explore the pieces we offer for sale. Let yourself be transported by the artistry, craftsmanship, and the joy each piece exudes. Rediscover the allure of handmade creations in an era dominated by mass production, and perhaps find a piece that brings you a sense of joy and wonder.


Ohio's glass and pottery legacy stands as a testament to the boundless talent and artistic expression that transcends time. From the golden age of glassmakers & potters, this state has fostered an environment that celebrates and preserves the essence of craftsmanship. As we revel in the artistry of the past and embrace the possibilities of the present, let us find inspiration and delight in the beauty that handcrafted glass and pottery can bring to our lives.


As a final FYI, if you are interested in Glass or Pottery, Ohio & WV have some great museums showcasing our history in both areas.
Here are a few, in order. It’s set up as a glass trail, map included.
If you start in WV and end in Toledo you can head a few miles to the Ohio “North Coast”, also known as Lake Erie! Enjoy!!

Blenko Glass Museum (WV)
The Museum of American Glass (WV)
Fostoria Glass Museum (WV)
Imperial Glass Museum (ohio)
Zanesville Museum of ART (ohio)
National Museum of Cambridge Glass (ohio)
National Heisey Glass Museum (ohio)
Ohio Glass Museum (ohio)
Tiffin Glass Museum (ohio)

Toledo Museum of Art, Glass Pavilion (ohio)

Turn by Turn Directions


Hand Blown Splatter Glass Vase Green

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