One reason 'why' we are resellers

Sometimes we offer things for sale that sit for a while, while other times our items sell fast. Some may argue that certain items aren't worth our time to list, but we do it anyway. Why? There are multiple reasons, but the primary one is to find a new loving home for discarded or forgotten items. These treasures were once purchased with intent, and who knows, maybe someone will do so again. It's definitely worth a shot. Although it may take some time and effort to write a listing, take photos, and publish everything, these labors of love are mostly worth it.

The Joy of Finding New Homes for items is a big part of why engage in this process of listing and selling because we believe in the happiness or joy an item may bring to a new owner. We enjoy hearing from buyers who have discovered a piece they love, an addition to their collection. We take pride in receiving messages from people who share information, stories, and the historical significance of these items. It's the small touches and profound impacts that truly matter.

There can be validation through history. Recently, we received an email from a customer that not only provided us with invaluable information but also validated our craft of treasure hunting, at least for one items. This customer purchased a print of West Front Rheims Cathedral, dated 1914. What made it even more remarkable was that he shared a history lesson about the item, the times it belonged to, and a glimpse into the lives of those long gone, over 100 years ago. For more insights into these prints, you can visit his site.

To all of you who have purchased from us and shared your notes, thank you. Whether it's a heartfelt thank you, a historical lesson, or a peek into your love for collecting, we appreciate every interaction. Our goal is to continue bringing you items that you love, cherish, and that may bring you moments of happiness.

The journey from forgotten to beloved is a remarkable one. It's through the efforts of searching, listing, selling, and engaging with our customers that we find fulfillment. We cherish the connections we make, the stories we uncover, and the joy we bring to collectors like you. So once again, thank you for your support, and we look forward to providing you with more treasures that ignite your passion.

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