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Pile of Hats from an Auction Lot        Jewelry to sort, items to clean and list

Hello fellow vintage enthusiasts! I am here to bring life to the working side of the exciting reselling adventures that we take, and how talk a little bit about the process of giving new life to pre-loved goodies. 

Cartoon Woman Looking for something

We scour auctions, estate sales, and even take the occasional magical detours to thrift stores in our travels. It's an all-day escapade filled with excitement and anticipation, and a lot of hard work (and sweat!) as we hunt for the hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

After we score our loot, the real magic, and work, begins!  We transport these worldly goods safely back to our warehouse, store them, unpack in the staging area, and sort. This can take weeks or months. Yet, we cherish every moment of this journey because it's not just about the destination; it's also about the experiences along the way. 

Our van loaded with auction items


When we are ready to research and list, It's like going from drab to fab as we transform those dusty finds into dazzling listings that you see on our websites. We take care to clean, sort, and pamper each piece, so they shine like stars on a moonlit night. 

Our warehouse storage

As we journey through this mystical world of vintage wonders, we occasionally stumble upon items that don't quite fit into our selling parameters for various reasons (to big to ship, too heavy). Fear not! We have a solution for every situation. When those delightful pieces that don't quite align with our style, we sprinkle a little sunshine and send them on their way to local consignment shops, where they can find new companions to hang out with. 


Stamp Collection and Envelopes
This set is uncirculated, a 50 page catalog, and 20 cent US Stamps. 

And then, there are those one-of-a-kind treasures that deserve some extra care, lest they fall into the hands of destruction! These treasures might be a bit quirky or unconventional, perhaps small, very fragile, perhaps of very little monetary value, but we just know they deserve a loving home. These extraordinary finds get a special spotlight in our listings, waiting for that perfect someone who will appreciate their uniqueness. 

Giant Hibiscus Sunglasses

Speaking of Whimsical, check out these fun sunglasses!
How could we not offer them up for grabs! 

To us, it's all about spreading the joy and magic of vintage love. While some may think certain items should stay hidden away in a dusty corner, we believe in their charm and potential. So, we bravely send them forth to find their forever homes, waving goodbye as they leave us, and knowing they'll be cherished and adored in their new home. 

Our secret ingredient to success? A sprinkle of playfulness and a dash of imagination!  So, come join our fantastical reselling adventure as we bring life and laughter to every nook and cranny of the vintage world. Whether you're looking for a unique treasure or just want to revel in the magic, our kingdom of vintage delights awaits! 

Kim & Kevin on an adventure

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