Charming Seas: Embracing Moments and Charm During Your Cruise

Animals on Parade on a Carnival Cruise Ship


Embarking on a cruise for the first time can feel like stepping into a whole new world of excitement and adventure. It's like diving into a sea of possibilities, where you become part of a vibrant community sailing through time.

Picture this: thousands of fellow explorers, all gathered in one place, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. You'll encounter familiar faces throughout your voyage, turning strangers into dinner companions or even lifelong friends. Of course, if you prefer solitude and basking in the warm sun, that's entirely up to you. A cruise allows you to curate your own unique experience.

A screenshot of the Carnival App, and the Library Schedule that shows some of the activities going on in the Library (cards, games)

The Carnival App, this is a great tool!               The library schedule, not just for books! Cards and Gametime are here!

To make your cruise even more enjoyable, here are some fun tips that will transform your adventure into an unforgettable escapade!

  • Join the Cruise Community: 
    • Ah, Facebook, the modern-day port of social connection! Look up the official Facebook group for your specific cruise itinerary, and you'll find fellow travelers eagerly discussing and sharing their excitement. 
    • Simply search for your ship's name, week of the cruise, and cruise line. For example, "Carnival Celebration Dec 4, 2022." 
    • Connect with your future shipmates, exchange tips, and build anticipation together.
    • Be sure to check the "events" tab for fun activities planned by fellow shipmates! 

This was taken at a Shot Glass Exchange during our Carnival Celebration Cruise! 

    • Shot Glass Exchange on Carnival Celebration

  • Set Sail Informed: Before booking any shore excursions, dive into the ocean of knowledge that is the internet. 
    • Research your ports of call and uncover the hidden gems that await you. 
    • Google is your trusty compass here! Discover what each destination is renowned for and consider whether it aligns with your interests. 
    • Are you a beach enthusiast or an adventurer seeking sightseeing thrills? Keep in mind that some islands may require booking an excursion to fully experience their wonders, while others invite you to explore at your own pace. 
    • If you choose to book through the cruise line, rest assured they'll wait for you if the excursion runs late. However, if you venture out independently, be mindful of the departure time. No one wants to be waving goodbye to a departing ship from the shore!

The Island of Bonaire in the ABC Island Chain, taken from Carnival Horizon

  • Unlock the Carnival Experience: 
    • Ahoy, tech-savvy travelers! Before you even step foot on the ship, make sure to download the Carnival app to your smartphone. This handy tool will keep you updated on all the exciting happenings aboard your floating paradise. 
    • Take some time on the first day to explore the app, discovering the endless array of activities that await you. 
    • Browse through the week's schedule, allowing your eyes to alight upon the events that capture your imagination. If you're a fan of dazzling shows, peruse the options and mark your favorites, ensuring you won't miss any of the spectacular performances. 
    • The app even allows you to set reminders, so you can navigate the labyrinth of entertainment seamlessly. Embrace the power of technology, and let the Carnival app be your compass in the vast

      This was our door on our Dec Cruise 2022 (I might have gone a bit overboard! LOL)

  • Let's not forget to sprinkle a bit of personal flair and pizzazz into our cruise experience.
    • Bring forth your creative spirit and adorn your door with a unique decoration that reflects your vibrant personality. 
    • Whether it's a whimsical sign, a colorful wreath, or a magnetic masterpiece, let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are as endless as the ocean itself! 
    • Not only will it add a touch of individuality to your home-away-from-home, but it'll also serve as a navigational beacon when returning to your cozy sanctuary after a day of exciting adventures.

Here are a couple of other doors from our cruise in Dec of 22, Go as big or as small as you want, be creative! 


Remember, a cruise is about embracing every moment and infusing it with your unique charm. It’s about the destinations you'll explore,  the experiences you'll have, relaxing and savoring this magical time! 

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