Title: Cruise Travel Packing List: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Preparation

 Image of items packed for a cruise

Preparing for a cruise can be both exciting and overwhelming. The fear of forgetting something important or packing too much can add unnecessary stress to your travel experience. But fear not! In this blog post, we present to you a comprehensive cruise travel packing list that will help you stay organized and ensure you have everything you need for a fantastic voyage. Our packing list is designed to be easily downloadable, making it accessible and convenient for all travelers. 

This is the list I use for every trip, since my copy lives in Google Drive I can move items around very easily. You can decide how to use it for you! 

  1. The Ongoing Packing List: For a reliable packing resource, I've created an ongoing packing list. This list, located in columns G to L, is a compilation of items we take or consider taking on every trip or vacation. It's a dynamic and evolving list that I update whenever something new comes to mind. By referring to this ongoing list, you'll have a solid foundation of essentials for your cruise packing.
  2. The Current Packing List: Columns A to D represent the current packing list for your next cruise trip. This is where we transfer items from the ongoing list, to the columns for the specific voyage I'm about to embark on. While scanning the items in columns G to L, it's easy to determine what I want to bring on this particular cruise/trip. As I pack each item, I strike it through on the list. If it's not struck through, it means it's not yet packed, and if it's not on the list, it shouldn't be in your suitcase, this helps to avoid last minute overpacking with “what-ifs” (I'm great at overpacking!)
  3. The Last Minute Checklist: The final column, Column D, is reserved for the last-minute checklist, ensuring you don't leave anything behind. Approximately 30 minutes before I walk out the door, I consult this checklist to confirm that all the essential items have been packed. It serves as a final reminder and offers peace of mind that I haven't overlooked anything important.
  4. The Verbal Checklist: Finally, ask everyone you are traveling with if they have their passport/documents. Credit Cards. Phones. Chargers. Money. Ask them to prove it! Then double check on those documents (one more time)

Packing for a cruise should be an exciting part of your travel experience, from the list to the packing, it creates anticipation. By using a packing list, you can effectively organize your belongings and feel confident that you have everything you need for your voyage. Remember, it's okay to consult with others, gather ideas, and seek advice, but ultimately, trust in your packing list and trust in yourself. Bon voyage!

Download our Cruise Travel Packing List: Click this link to see the downloadable packing list

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